Satellite TV Channels – Learn How To Get Satellite TV Channels

DISH Network has more foreign language channels compared to DirecTV or any of the satellite tv companies. Here Is a guide to DISH Network International stations.

DISH Community International Channels

DISH Network provides 135 international channels with Tv applications and music broadcast in 20 languages – including Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, Filipino, German, Greek, Arabic, Italian, Korean, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Urdu, and Vietnamese dishtv hd recharge.

The most Common Foreign channels include:

Arabic (1-5 channels) – miniseries, dramas, information, sportsand also the most recent pictures, classical motion pictures, talk showssports featuring the Egyptian Soccer League. Stations include Abu Dhabi, Al Jazeera, Dubai Sports Activities, Al-Arabiya, LBS, and NBM.

Chinese (1-9 channels) – The latest cultural and current activities plus dramas, movies, talk shows, news, current events, along with kids’ displays. Stations include CCTV, Fijian Straits TV, Hunan Satellite TV, Phoenix Chinese Channel, Beijing Television, China Movie Channel, Drag-on TV, and Phoenix InfoNews.

Russian (5 channels) – the newest news, pictures, sports, game shows, documentaries, talk shows, sports, and kids’ amusement. Channels Consist of EuroNews, N-tv America, TVCI, and RTVI.

South Asian (27 channels) – Movies, up to date information, serials, audio videos, family leisure, lifestyle programs, cricket matches, sports, and variety shows

Spanish (4 5 stations ) – wide variety shows, dramas, films, talk shows, current affairs, news, athletics, and tunes.

International Channel Programming Price Ranges

DISH community international stations can be purchased alacarte (as single channels), or even as packages of two or more stations. Prices start out at $9.99 monthly.

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